Monday, January 5, 2015

Year end recap - 2014


 Wren and Willow's Birthday//We had a woodland themed Goldilock's and Little Red Riding Hood  birthday party complete with mushroom cupcakes! Now we are brainstorming 2015 ideas and i think i am seeing ponies!

New House//We bought a house in the fall and could not be happier. Of course this means lots of projects to do but I couldn't be happier!

Family Room//This is a room that I went from barely spending in time in, to spending almost all of my time in. I cannot believe how far this room has come. I can't wait to do and share more projects in this space!

Rumage Wedding//I had the privilege and honor of not only creating custom invitations for this wedding, but planning the entire thing and oh what fun I had!

Triangle Wall and Mint Vanity//This is one of my favorite areas in the house. The triangle wall is on our staircase wall which spans our Kitchen and Dining Room. Under that same staircase is our Powder Bath which houses this beautiful mint vanity with Chartreuse pulls. I never created a blog post on this area - sorry.

Library & Living Room//This is one of my very favorite spaces in the house for many reasons, but especially for the black and white striped wall. I cannot wait to have that couch reupholstered!

Merry Christmas!

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