Monday, March 22, 2010

DIY Felt Rosette Pillow

Courtesy of Etsy's Handmade blog, The Storque, I found an AWESOME felt pillow design.  I have not worked with felt in a couple of years but for those of us who are not pros at sewing, felt is a savior!

Photo via The Storque
This pillow is so cool.  It's design totally goes with the trends, with the rosette/ruffle effect on the front and it is ORANGE, I LOVE orange:)  Alright, so lets get right into this.

Materials/Supplies Needed:

  • 10" x 18" Feather Pillow Insert

  • 23.5 x 19" Orange Felt for the Pillow Cover

  • 20" x 18" Orange Felt for the Rosettes

  • Matching Sewing Thread

  • Basic Sewing Kit

  • Sewing Machine
Photo via The Storque
1.  Cut two peices of felt that are 11" x 19".  To make the rosettes you will need to cut out 60 circles that measure 3" in diameter.

Photo via The Storque
2.  Pinch each felt circle in the middle and fold the edges to form the rosette shape.  Hand stitch the base of each rosette so it will hold its shape.

Photo via The Storque
3.  Starting at one end of the front pillow panel sew on each rosette neatly at the base of each one and close together.
4.  Continue adding rosettes positioning them close together and in a straight line.  Make sure there is the same amount of blank space on the pillow above and below the rows of rosettes.
5.  Make up the pillow back using directions below.  Insert pillow form into finished cover.

Photo via The Storque
1.  Lay the two peices on top of eachother making sure the edges are perfectly in line.  Pin the peices together on three sides, leaving the fourth side open.  Make sure not to pen too close to the edge so you have room to run your sewing machine along the edge.
2.  Using a matching thread and your sewing machine, sew along the three sides to join your peices together, removing the pins as you sew.  Cut off the corners on the diagonal, making sure not to cut your stitches.  This will create a neater pillow.

Photo via The Storque
3.  Turn the pillow right side out and insert the pillow form.  To close the fourth side, fold the felt inside 1/2" and pin the edges together.
4.  Sticth the sides together keeping the thread as invisible as possible. 

Find this pattern and other felt ideas in Anne Kyyro Quinn's book, Felt Furnishings. 

Happy Felting!

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