Friday, November 7, 2014

We go together like

dip da-dip da-dip doo-wap da woo-bee doo

well i finally did it, i took the plunge into dipped furniture that is all the rage right now. 
we have been in our house for two months now and i have done my fair share of projects but for some reason i am just now getting around to start sharing. yesterday i did a revamp to our work space area in the living room library (yes my husband calls it our library)!


Before, err kinda:
I gotta get better at this before picture thing. At this point I had already done the following
  • changed out desk hardware
  • taped off two of the legs
  • removed chair seat
  • cut in on those horrid blue walls


I am trying to be real here and not cast some make believe home, so please ignore my lovely wires that are strewn about below the desk.

Alright, so here is what I did:
  • Artwork: This was in the Dining Room of our previous house. The size and scale of the painting and frame are rightbut I am not sure if those are the colors I want in this space - there may be plans down the road to paint over that painting and/or to paint the frame. 
  • Chair:  I gave it a new coat of white spray paint and recovered the seat with some scrap Kravet fabric I had lying around.
  • Desk: I taped off the legs and painted the bottom portion with gold leaf to give it the dipped leg look. I also changed out the hardware.
  • Wall: This room was a horrid country blue before with creamy yellow ceilings. Painting the ceilings with a fresh coat of white paint made a huge difference. Now I am tackling the walls one at a time with Porter Atrium White and it really makes the rrom more clean and fresh feeling!

I can't wait to keep working on this space and share photos of the progress!

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