Monday, November 10, 2014

Gallery Walls

I love me some gallery walls. If you follow me on pinterest you have probably noticed! Here are just a few that have recently caught my eye.

so i am working on the library some more, and i am doing a gallery wall. i like to start on paper or using photoshop to get an idea of the layout and what i want the art to look like.
here is what i came up with.

gallery walls are supposed to be fun and no fuss - IMO, so do not be afraid to change it up once you start getting this on the wall.
my next step is to lay things out on the floor nearby or right in front of where the pictures will hang. then i try to find the photo closest to the center and hang it first. with this arrangement i hung the "summer lovin" print first and then moved outward until i was done. right now i have some blank canvases and empty frames, but i cant wait to share the finished look!

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