Thursday, March 26, 2015

Frozen Celebration

well as every parent knows of little girls right now, Frozen is all the rage and our girls are no different than all the rest. wren turned four today and willow turned two on saturday, so we had their parties together over the weekend. with of course - a Frozen theme. i absolutely love a good party, especially if it is one for our kids and one that i get to host. i also really enjoy cake decorating, so birthdays are especially fun for me. 

elsa crowns and sven antlers to decorate

anna and elsa even made it all the way from Arendale!

i think everyone had a blast - especially the birthday girls!

just for fun....
willow on the left, two years old                                       wren on the right, two years old

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kitchen and Dining Room

Let's take a minute to talk about our Kitchen and Dining Room space, if you have dug around this blog and ended up on the house tour page then you have probably already seen the before and after photos, but if not this is new to you! Actually either way it is new, because these are new photos!

Let's first go back to the before. This was the kitchen before we moved in.

You will notice the following:
  • there is no hardware on the cabinets except for the lovely blue & white china knobs on the cabinets facing north (see lower left hand corner)
  • there is no faucet
  • there are no appliances
  • the ceiling fan does not have a light kit
  • the back splash area is a citrus green color - its hard to tell in this photo, but over the stove there are also teapot wallpaper cut outs. They are featured in random places throughout the kitchen and powder bath
  • there is a towel rod over the sink
  • a crap ton of wall anchors

that doorway on the right leads to the Laundry Room. Which is where I happened to be standing when I took the after photo.
  • the orange framed cork board was reused from our last house
  • those metallic silver triangles on the wall were a DIY project created with a silver sharpie pen
  • the rug was a Walmart purchase for $25.00. I really wanted a nice rug in here, but lets face it - that thing is going to get destroyed. I live in the kitchen, and therefore so do my kids.
  • all of the appliances totaled $150 and were purchased second-hand. Down the line we would love to have new appliances, but they just aren't in the cards for us right now.
  • I shopped long and hard for that faucet and I am in absolute love with it - we also got a great deal
  • all of the hardware came from a friend that works at a furniture manufacturer
  • we still do not have a hood over our range. I think the plan is to install an over range microwave, and replace the upper cabinet with a couple of shelves
  • all of the holes were patched, teapots removed, and walls painted in PPG atrium white
  • you can't see the light fixture in this photo, but it was a $25 bargain from Lowes
You get a glimpse of the Dining Room in this photo, but lets take you back to the before.

You will notice the following:
  • there is a border - and for some reason a brown dry brush treatment over the border
  • the walls are a coffee color
  • there is no light fixture
  • you can see where the dining room and kitchen paint colors meet that they placed some of those lovely teapots
And the after.

yes, my chairs are laminated. yes, i am proud of it, and yes, I cropped this photo because i couldn't get the minnie mouse sticker off the seat.

  • the table has been with us for many years
  • the chairs are antiques and are due for a fresh coat of paint - I am on a 6 month plan with reupholstering those puppies i swear! we sure use them a lot!
  • the chandelier was from three houses ago and was purchased from Lowe's for $168
  • the sweet and salty prints were a DIY project and are in $10 poster frames from target
  • the white curtains are from ikea $11
  • the wall with the window is mint - this is also the same wall with the front door - you cant see it, but it is too the left of the mirror. The inside of the front door is white, but the outside features a darker but coordinating mint color.
  • the gold curtain rod was from our last house and I can't remember the purchase details.
  • the ornate mirror was purchased from Z&R Design when I worked there. It has been in several houses. I am ready to paint it, but scared to take on the duty - this thing is ORNATE!
  • you get a better shot of the sharpie wall in the Dining Room photos. I absolutely love that wall. It is subtle but yet impactful - super fun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines 2015

Well it is that time of year again, and this year was especially fun! Wren was old enough this year to really partake in making her Valentines and it made them that much more special. We kind of followed our tradition of no candy Valentine's, and went with bubble gum. I know, I know, it is still candy....but it is one of the few things we allow wren to have on occasion so it worked for us.

I printed the tags off on plain ole' white printer paper.

Then I used my silhouette cameo and chose doily which is a stock illustration that comes with your cameo. I cut it out of black card stock.
wren glued the tags to the doily's and then she wrote her name on each one.

the kids in her class are only 3 or 4 years old, so we didn't overdo it with the gumballs. We just bought one bag and divided it up evenly, which gave ach kid 3 or 4 gumballs. another way to get your little one involved is counting out the gumballs in each bag.
we then hole punched the tag and used twine to tie the bag shut and to attach the tag. they turned out super cute and wren could not wait to get to school and give them to her friends!
Happy Valentine's Day!

To see Wren's past valentines go here.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Calligraphy//Wedding Invitations

I am super excited about my recent calligraphy project that i started last night! I love this couple to the moon and back, can't wait to be a part of their beach wedding in May!

Monday, February 2, 2015

cutest little farmhouse

last month i had a much needed girls weekend with my bestests. we sipped coffee, wine, soup, and more coffee and chatted about everything.

we got together at my friend Lindsey's (Lu) new farm house and it was so exciting talking about the future of the house and all of their design plans for it. with the kids out of the house and all of us twiddling our thumbs itching to do something creative we decided to make the most of it. and what was on the menu? PPG Aloha of course.

lu is not afraid of many things, and color is definitely not on that list. when i saw this color, knowing her and her families personality i was smitten - it was absolutely perfect and I could not wait to dive in on this paint job!

here is a view of the Living Room before....

and the same view after!

and another before.

and the same wall after.

isn't it lovely? don't you just want to create in this space and then stop for a sip of tea or an intermission dance party?

i am so happy for Lu and her family. i think this change of pace is exactly what the doctor ordered!  best of luck Lu and the rest of your beautiful family in making the most of this wonderful experience and creating beautiful memories in your new home.
i love you doll.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Room Reveal and Pallet Ottoman

So the pallet ottoman and the family room have been done for awhile now, but i finally caught some pictures of them! if you haven't been following along with the progress of the family room, check out this post, oh and this one. and just one other one :)

for funsies let's take a look at the Family Room before, one last time!

and AFTER!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I seriously could not love it more. The white mantle and the navy walls, it is music to my ears eyes!

now, let;s talk about those curtains. my cousin and i made the gray curtains for our living/dining room, two houses ago. We have certainly gotten our use out of them, but I still love them so we made them work.
i had the idea to add panels to the bottom of them and hang them as high as possible. the result was stellar! they really add to the drama of the space and draw attention to the beautifully vaulted yellow white ceilings. super easy and cheap, win-win.

with wood floors, this room needed a rug. it is a pretty big room and we had a small budget. we were able to snag this rug from target for $160.00.  I am really happy with it. It isn't necessarily what we would have chose if we had a full wallet, but it works for us!

now for the pallet ottoman, this thing is a beast beauty! 

what you will need:
2 standard pallets
screws and screw driver to connect pallets
4 furniture legs/feet at desired height (ours are 4" tall) and we purchased them at Lowe's
4 straight leg plates, we also got these from Lowe's (here is a link)
4" foam to cover top of ottoman, about 42"x 48" purchased from local craft store
enough batting to wrap entire ottoman twice
desired upholstery fabric, approximately 3 1/2 yards (here is a link to ours if interested from

First, we attached two pallets together, one on top of the other to make our ottoman. we wanted the height of the ottoman to be equal to our sofa. two pallets stacked, plus 4" foam and our 4" legs was the perfect height after some pulling and tugging on that batting!
here you can see where we attached the pallets

and here you can see the pallets stacked after they were attached.

next we wrapped it all in batting. 
then we layed out the foam and placed the pallets on top, cutting an excess foam away. we could not find a piece of foam big enough so we had to piece three pieces of foam together. once it was all layed out we prepared to wrap another layer of batting, this time around the foam and the pallets.

this is the batting we used.

once the legs were attached we were ready for the fun tedious part!
i measured the entire ottoman and created a drawing with dimensions for the upholstery.
the fabric was not wide enough to cover the sides and top, so it had to be assembled in four pieces.
first i cut the top piece, adding an inch on all four sides for hemming, then i lined up the pattern on both ends so it would match and pinned it in place.

here is a close up

 here you can see the center panel laid out with two end panels

and another close up - it is a bit blurry

then just like the batting, it was pulled tight on the bottom and stapled in place.
and we have here a beautiful and sturdy ottoman!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Custom Invitations by little bit creations

It's been awhile since we talked about invitations, so I thought it was time we revisited that topic. After all, it is one of the main reasons I started blogging in the first place. Although my etsy shop is no longer running I still do invitations by request. I absolutely love doing them, but I could not keep up with the demand of my shop once baby #2 arrived. Here are some samples of my work, but the options are endless and my most favorite jobs are custom and unique to your event!
I also offer calligraphy services:)
Please email me for a quote or for more information!



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