Thursday, December 18, 2014

Family Room Sneak Peeks

The Family Room has made MAJOR strides since we have moved in. It is probably the most changed room in the house with the change in the mantle and the top to bottom paint job. just to remind you where we started here are some before shots.

i am still putting the finishing touches on this space (and Christmas Decorations) so I don't have any wide shots to share, but I do have some detail shots!

*this picture (above) is probably the best representation of the paint color in real life. I feel it has the perfect balance of navy and gray tones. i did not want anything too saturated or too black/gray. it is the perfect mix! Cavalry by Porter.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

a little bit holiday library

today i am sharing our library, which happens to be the only festive space in the house other than our front porch. i was really excited to do a lot for the holidays this year but with the unexpected loss of my nana and spontaneously redoing the family room, things just haven't panned out. with that being said i am really happy with how our library is looking!


DIY Upholstered Ottoman

Our Family Room is coming together quite well, we need a couple things to finish it up - a rug and a coffee table. With two little ones running around i wanted to be very careful with our choice of coffee table. I also wanted to get in on this pallet furniture thing. so this is where i am at. i found this DIY ottoman here, and i think it is exactly what i am looking for. 
of course i will make it my own with a different fabric and different feet.
here is a look at the bottom side so you can see how the pallet comes into play.
i have ordered this fabric from
and these feet from ebay for only $15.99
I am SO PUMPED about this project!
Here is what I expect it to look like.
I am hoping to finish this before Christmas as we are hosting at our house, but with the holiday season and ordering things online shipping can take sometime - fingers crossed! 
If you have any tips for making ottomans or pallet furniture please comment on this post!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Room Update

when we bought our house I thought the family room would be the last room we would paint for several reasons. the color was pretty neutral so i thought i could live with it for awhile, the walls were in good shape, and the room has cathedral ceilings so i knew it would be a huge task.
well things didn't really work out like i had thought. when they painted the room they got the wall color all over the trim work and it was driving me nuts. also, when we planked over top of the mantle and i started painting it, i found myself beginning to paint the trim work, and next thing i knew i had paint swatches hanging on the walls......
well one thing led to another and now we have a brand new painted family room! i am loving it so much - photos to come, but here is a sneak peek!
YEP - it's NAVY!

here are some inspiration images for the space.

so as you can see there will be neutral tones with pops of pink, gold, and yellow in the space - oh and black and white of course. also bringing lots of live plants into the space, as this room has the most natural light in our house.

i will reveal the final space as well as the mantle VERY soon! i also have a DIY project, or two coming up in this space!

LBC - Wedding Planning

i have a lot of passions in life, but most of them dial back and in some way connect to weddings/wedding planning. i absolutely love everything about weddings, and i was fortunate enough to plan a wedding that took place over the thanksgiving break. NOW i finally have pictures to share (insert excited shriek)!!!!
this is the most amazing couple ever! i'm sure all of us have heard that before, but seriously, just look at them - they define love.

 how GQ of them

and last but certainly not least, their custom invitations that i designed for them

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coordinating your lighting

nothings worse than "builder" spec lighting - well actually there are a lot of worse things, but these rank pretty high up there.

i think most houses have sported the ole boob light at some point - am i right? it always amazes me how much changing a light fixture can truly impact a room. light fixtures have a pretty huge range in pricing - you can break the bank or DIY light fixtures these days. 
i wanna show you how to coordinate your light fixtures without matching them.
here is that builder spec lighting i was referring to - its typical in every home when it is built, unless it is custom of course. insert the boob light.
Builder spec. poor lighting selection. Should've selected recessed can lighting. Hit your head on ceiling fixtures.
BLECK! builder spec lighting typically matches throughout the house and is on the cheap end. changing out lighting like this can be done on a fairly low budget and make a HUGE impact if done right. There are lots of factors that come into play when selecting lighting. i will go over a few..
  1. measure - height and width. your light should not be too small or too large for the space. if you are walking under the light it is best to choose a flush or semi-flush mount.
  2. ask yourself, is this ambient lighting or task lighting - will the fixture you chose create enough light to complete the task if task lighting?
  3. style, shape, finish, etc.
to get a custom look you want to coordinate your light fixtures and not match them. here is a good example of that.
kitchen possible?

i put together some lights that coordinate but are not too matchy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Master Bedroom

our master bedroom has a long way to go but i am trying to wrap my head around the design of the space so once it is ready, it can come together fairly quickly. it tends to be the neglected room in our homes.
people coming over = shove it in the master and shut the door. i am ready for a space that means leaving the door open when people come over and feeling proud.

this room is our inspiration.
i want something bright, cheery and no fuss
mike wants something serene and calming
this is where we ended up.

usually my rule of thumb is to pick the paint color last, but in this situation the paint color is pretty important so we started there first. this is what we decided on.
the top part of the walls will be atrium white. we have used atrium white throughout various spaces of the rest of the house and have loved it. i would rather not introduce another shade of white.

so here is where we are on the project list for this room

Project List
Phase 1:
  • Remove wallpaper
  • light fixture, something like this 
  • nightstands (paint them white? change hardware?)
  • duvet cover
  • pillow cases
  • throw pillows
  • curtain
  • curtain rod
  • art/painting over dresser

here is the mood board i developed for the space