Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coordinating your lighting

nothings worse than "builder" spec lighting - well actually there are a lot of worse things, but these rank pretty high up there.

i think most houses have sported the ole boob light at some point - am i right? it always amazes me how much changing a light fixture can truly impact a room. light fixtures have a pretty huge range in pricing - you can break the bank or DIY light fixtures these days. 
i wanna show you how to coordinate your light fixtures without matching them.
here is that builder spec lighting i was referring to - its typical in every home when it is built, unless it is custom of course. insert the boob light.
Builder spec. poor lighting selection. Should've selected recessed can lighting. Hit your head on ceiling fixtures.
BLECK! builder spec lighting typically matches throughout the house and is on the cheap end. changing out lighting like this can be done on a fairly low budget and make a HUGE impact if done right. There are lots of factors that come into play when selecting lighting. i will go over a few..
  1. measure - height and width. your light should not be too small or too large for the space. if you are walking under the light it is best to choose a flush or semi-flush mount.
  2. ask yourself, is this ambient lighting or task lighting - will the fixture you chose create enough light to complete the task if task lighting?
  3. style, shape, finish, etc.
to get a custom look you want to coordinate your light fixtures and not match them. here is a good example of that.
kitchen possible?

i put together some lights that coordinate but are not too matchy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Master Bedroom

our master bedroom has a long way to go but i am trying to wrap my head around the design of the space so once it is ready, it can come together fairly quickly. it tends to be the neglected room in our homes.
people coming over = shove it in the master and shut the door. i am ready for a space that means leaving the door open when people come over and feeling proud.

this room is our inspiration.
i want something bright, cheery and no fuss
mike wants something serene and calming
this is where we ended up.

usually my rule of thumb is to pick the paint color last, but in this situation the paint color is pretty important so we started there first. this is what we decided on.
the top part of the walls will be atrium white. we have used atrium white throughout various spaces of the rest of the house and have loved it. i would rather not introduce another shade of white.

so here is where we are on the project list for this room

Project List
Phase 1:
  • Remove wallpaper
  • light fixture, something like this 
  • nightstands (paint them white? change hardware?)
  • duvet cover
  • pillow cases
  • throw pillows
  • curtain
  • curtain rod
  • art/painting over dresser

here is the mood board i developed for the space

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Focal Walls

i am all about focal walls these days. they add just the right amount of drama for a really low price. they also transform a space to make it something really unique. i have been eyeing focal walls on pinterest for quite awhile - here are some of my favorites.
So chic and fun girls bedroom! Via The Inspired Room. #laylagrayce #kidsroom

modern hip baby girl nursery, walls by mur nursery focal wall, 'Be Brave' owl print, white Moroccan pouf

These scalloped-wood accent walls are fantastic, and a totally do-able DIY! But where to put them...

i have a focal wall in my kitchen/dining area (that i have not shared yet) AND i just finished one this weekend in our library! i could not be more thrilled with how it turned out!!

this space is really coming together. once the fireplace and mantle are painted it will make a huge difference. (the stripes are still wet here)
here is an update on the space.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gallery Wall reveal

last week i posted how i create a gallery wall with plans to do one in our library. now i am happy to say that it is done!

it definitely looks a little different than what i planned. see below what i drew in photoshop on how i wanted the wall.

i couldn't find the gold "S" that i have in the above collage and i found a different painting that i wanted to recreate on the canvas in the middle. i also painted over a painting i had with the gold arrow so that changed up my layout a little bit.

i created this wall for approximately $2.50. it is definitely one of my most favorite projects that i have created on the cheap. i already had all of these frames on hand so i painted them all black, white, or gold so they coordinated. The only thing I paid for was the canvas which was in a $5.99 two-pack from Hobby Lobby.

so here is how we have come along on this room.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Planked Walls

The previous owners of our house left us with an empty hole above our fireplace mantle.
Here is the family room before we moved in. 
We have had many discussions over what was over the mantle - fish tank, stained glass, we will probably never know...


In case you can't tell from the photo, that is a hole that is trimmed out and has a fluorescent light fixture inside.
This is how we have been functioning with it over the last two months.
purty huh?

We knew that we needed to cover the hole and I knew that I wanted the TV mounted over the fireplace.

so first the hubs removed the trim and the light fixture (those planks are just sitting there for size FYI)
next he wired in an outlet for the TV
and built a brace with 2x4s to mount the TV to (in this photo we had already started the planks)
then we started mounting the planks. 
we measured our wall and divided the space evenly and came out with 11 planks each measuring 5 1/2" tall. Our trim pieces are 3 1/2" tall.
We left an opening to access the outlet and also to wire in the cable in the future - our TV will be covering the opening so we were not concerned.
FYI the planks are just 1/4" plywood that we had Home Depot cut into strips for us. Then we measured at home and cut the lengths to fit.
To space out the plywood we used nickels and attached them to the wall with a nail gun.
after all of the planks were in place we mitered our trim pieces and rounded the outer edge to give it a finished look. since our fireplace wall is angled you would be able to see the boards from the side and we wanted it to have a rounded return into the connecting walls. Then we measured and mounted the trim pieces and hung the TV.
That top piece was really tricky since our ceiling is angled. I do not have any advice or tips on that, just refer to good old math and measurements. 
So this is where we are for now, everything is sanded and ready for paint. cant wait to share the final reveal!

Gallery Walls

I love me some gallery walls. If you follow me on pinterest you have probably noticed! Here are just a few that have recently caught my eye.

so i am working on the library some more, and i am doing a gallery wall. i like to start on paper or using photoshop to get an idea of the layout and what i want the art to look like.
here is what i came up with.

gallery walls are supposed to be fun and no fuss - IMO, so do not be afraid to change it up once you start getting this on the wall.
my next step is to lay things out on the floor nearby or right in front of where the pictures will hang. then i try to find the photo closest to the center and hang it first. with this arrangement i hung the "summer lovin" print first and then moved outward until i was done. right now i have some blank canvases and empty frames, but i cant wait to share the finished look!

Friday, November 7, 2014

We go together like

dip da-dip da-dip doo-wap da woo-bee doo

well i finally did it, i took the plunge into dipped furniture that is all the rage right now. 
we have been in our house for two months now and i have done my fair share of projects but for some reason i am just now getting around to start sharing. yesterday i did a revamp to our work space area in the living room library (yes my husband calls it our library)!


Before, err kinda:
I gotta get better at this before picture thing. At this point I had already done the following
  • changed out desk hardware
  • taped off two of the legs
  • removed chair seat
  • cut in on those horrid blue walls


I am trying to be real here and not cast some make believe home, so please ignore my lovely wires that are strewn about below the desk.

Alright, so here is what I did:
  • Artwork: This was in the Dining Room of our previous house. The size and scale of the painting and frame are rightbut I am not sure if those are the colors I want in this space - there may be plans down the road to paint over that painting and/or to paint the frame. 
  • Chair:  I gave it a new coat of white spray paint and recovered the seat with some scrap Kravet fabric I had lying around.
  • Desk: I taped off the legs and painted the bottom portion with gold leaf to give it the dipped leg look. I also changed out the hardware.
  • Wall: This room was a horrid country blue before with creamy yellow ceilings. Painting the ceilings with a fresh coat of white paint made a huge difference. Now I am tackling the walls one at a time with Porter Atrium White and it really makes the rrom more clean and fresh feeling!

I can't wait to keep working on this space and share photos of the progress!