Wednesday, January 7, 2015

shared girls room

when we moved into our new house the upstairs bedroom that would be our daughters room was an eyesore at best - this is what it looked like.

i have no idea what they were thinking when they painted this space. if you cant tell from looking, there is a yellow ceiling, two pink walls, two purple walls, and lots of random paint strips and swishes in the corners. it was a hot mess. before moving in, this room had to be addressed. i have always wanted to paint a colored ceiling in my house and i thought this was the perfect room to do it in. heck, it couldn't look any worse right?
wren wanted pink so she got it! this is how it turned out.

The walls are Porter-Atrium White which is used in multiple rooms of our house. The ceiling is a light pink -  Valpsar-Brittany's Bow.

and this is how the room looks now.

Here some girls rooms and shared rooms that are totally adorbs that I cant wait to steal little elements from to continue to sweeten up this space!

White Curtains + Decorative Trim

Custom Bunting

Black Polka Dots

Fun Pillows//Nightstand

Little Shelf Houses

Storage Basket

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