Friday, January 9, 2015

Powder your nose

We have a cute little Powder Bath off of our Kitchen under our stairs. It definitely gets the most use in the house and was one of the first rooms that got attention. It was also one of the only rooms that had a faucet left in it, and I actually liked it okay -score.
Here it is before I started working on it, and like all the other cabinets it did not have any hardware.

 Here is a wider shot from the kitchen looking in where you can see the lovely faux painted yellow walls.

and lets not forget the decorative wallpaper cutouts that were randomly placed all over this bathroom.

First I took down the mirror over the vanity and then I removed all of the wallpaper cutouts with boiling hot water in a spray bottle and a utility knife.
Then I caulked all of the trim. Next I painted the vanity. I love mint and I had lots leftover from the front door, so I used that.

 Then I added some adorable chartreuse pulls that I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and a tan Leopard Print Rug.

Here is the view from the Kitchen.

Then I painted the walls with Porter-Atrium White and added in a decorative mirror.

The wall behind the toilet needed something too, so I found this adorable gold basket at a local antique store - perfect toilet paper holder!

if you follow me on facebook you would know that I got a silhouette cameo for Christmas! Ive been wanting to do more to this room and I think I have it figured out!
stay tuned;)

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