Friday, November 2, 2012

the unlikely olive.

as i have said many times, custom jobs are my favorite ones, and when danielle reed contacted me about her website/etsy/business venture, that is exactly what i got.  the name for the business; the unlikely olive.  i was so anxious as i was reading through the email and when i read the name i was ecstatic.  i think it is the cutest name, but what came next in the email came as a surprise for me.    "I like clean lines, and would like something in basic colors..... I love "earthy" things....I'm open to new ideas!"  I was really thankful for the  "I love "earthy" things....I'm open to new ideas!" portion of the sentence because earthy is exactly what came to mind and thankfully she was open to new ideas because i was just not feeling basic colors or clean lines.  i was thinking, earth tones, the colors of olives, etc.  i went with my gut and this is what came about.



business card

i wish you the best of luck on your business venture danielle!!

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