Friday, November 2, 2012

eating habits.

 i remember counting my proteins when i was pregnant with wren, packing snacks, and eating healthy.  with this pregnancy i am lucky if i eat.  being pregnant while raising a toddler is a bit different than my first go around.  this week i suffered from it.  i was up with w on wednesday at 5:30 am.  i fed her yogurt and blackberries, what did i feed myself you ask, nada, zip zilch.  I dropped her off with grammy and went into work.  around 9a.m. i started to feel dizzy.  i quickly scarfed down the bagel and bottled water i had in my desk in hopes that would do the trick.  instead i kept getting more dizzy/light headed/cloudy.  i knew i had waited too long to eat and that it may take awhile for the food + drink to kick in.  i asked my boss to take me home where i could be more comfortable.  she got me home just in time, i got sick and then decided to lay down.  i slept over 2 hours and when i woke up i ate lunch.  i was still a  little weak but felt better with every minute.  i guess i will never for sure know if it was a bug or if my baby was taking every bit of nutrients i had in me and i left nothing for myself to survive.  i often find myself not eating enough or not making the right choices because i am in a hurry or haven't made it to the store.  i have found myself searching the internet for meal plans that would support a healthy pregnancy, a growing/picky toddler, and a healthy eating husband.  i have never found exactly what i was looking i have decided to create one myself.  i know that this is much too strict for my liking and i will never be able to stick to such a rigid plan, but it is a guide line and gives me something to look at for ideas, and inspiration.  i hope that it is helpful for you as well.  perhaps i will do more of these in the future:)
please note, i am no doctor or nutritionist, these meals have came from, and my own personal favorites.

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