Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Room Reveal and Pallet Ottoman

So the pallet ottoman and the family room have been done for awhile now, but i finally caught some pictures of them! if you haven't been following along with the progress of the family room, check out this post, oh and this one. and just one other one :)

for funsies let's take a look at the Family Room before, one last time!

and AFTER!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I seriously could not love it more. The white mantle and the navy walls, it is music to my ears eyes!

now, let;s talk about those curtains. my cousin and i made the gray curtains for our living/dining room, two houses ago. We have certainly gotten our use out of them, but I still love them so we made them work.
i had the idea to add panels to the bottom of them and hang them as high as possible. the result was stellar! they really add to the drama of the space and draw attention to the beautifully vaulted yellow white ceilings. super easy and cheap, win-win.

with wood floors, this room needed a rug. it is a pretty big room and we had a small budget. we were able to snag this rug from target for $160.00.  I am really happy with it. It isn't necessarily what we would have chose if we had a full wallet, but it works for us!

now for the pallet ottoman, this thing is a beast beauty! 

what you will need:
2 standard pallets
screws and screw driver to connect pallets
4 furniture legs/feet at desired height (ours are 4" tall) and we purchased them at Lowe's
4 straight leg plates, we also got these from Lowe's (here is a link)
4" foam to cover top of ottoman, about 42"x 48" purchased from local craft store
enough batting to wrap entire ottoman twice
desired upholstery fabric, approximately 3 1/2 yards (here is a link to ours if interested from

First, we attached two pallets together, one on top of the other to make our ottoman. we wanted the height of the ottoman to be equal to our sofa. two pallets stacked, plus 4" foam and our 4" legs was the perfect height after some pulling and tugging on that batting!
here you can see where we attached the pallets

and here you can see the pallets stacked after they were attached.

next we wrapped it all in batting. 
then we layed out the foam and placed the pallets on top, cutting an excess foam away. we could not find a piece of foam big enough so we had to piece three pieces of foam together. once it was all layed out we prepared to wrap another layer of batting, this time around the foam and the pallets.

this is the batting we used.

once the legs were attached we were ready for the fun tedious part!
i measured the entire ottoman and created a drawing with dimensions for the upholstery.
the fabric was not wide enough to cover the sides and top, so it had to be assembled in four pieces.
first i cut the top piece, adding an inch on all four sides for hemming, then i lined up the pattern on both ends so it would match and pinned it in place.

here is a close up

 here you can see the center panel laid out with two end panels

and another close up - it is a bit blurry

then just like the batting, it was pulled tight on the bottom and stapled in place.
and we have here a beautiful and sturdy ottoman!

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