Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY Upholstered Ottoman

Our Family Room is coming together quite well, we need a couple things to finish it up - a rug and a coffee table. With two little ones running around i wanted to be very careful with our choice of coffee table. I also wanted to get in on this pallet furniture thing. so this is where i am at. i found this DIY ottoman here, and i think it is exactly what i am looking for. 
of course i will make it my own with a different fabric and different feet.
here is a look at the bottom side so you can see how the pallet comes into play.
i have ordered this fabric from fabric.com
and these feet from ebay for only $15.99
I am SO PUMPED about this project!
Here is what I expect it to look like.
I am hoping to finish this before Christmas as we are hosting at our house, but with the holiday season and ordering things online shipping can take sometime - fingers crossed! 
If you have any tips for making ottomans or pallet furniture please comment on this post!

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