Monday, February 2, 2015

cutest little farmhouse

last month i had a much needed girls weekend with my bestests. we sipped coffee, wine, soup, and more coffee and chatted about everything.

we got together at my friend Lindsey's (Lu) new farm house and it was so exciting talking about the future of the house and all of their design plans for it. with the kids out of the house and all of us twiddling our thumbs itching to do something creative we decided to make the most of it. and what was on the menu? PPG Aloha of course.

lu is not afraid of many things, and color is definitely not on that list. when i saw this color, knowing her and her families personality i was smitten - it was absolutely perfect and I could not wait to dive in on this paint job!

here is a view of the Living Room before....

and the same view after!

and another before.

and the same wall after.

isn't it lovely? don't you just want to create in this space and then stop for a sip of tea or an intermission dance party?

i am so happy for Lu and her family. i think this change of pace is exactly what the doctor ordered!  best of luck Lu and the rest of your beautiful family in making the most of this wonderful experience and creating beautiful memories in your new home.
i love you doll.

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