Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coordinating your lighting

nothings worse than "builder" spec lighting - well actually there are a lot of worse things, but these rank pretty high up there.

i think most houses have sported the ole boob light at some point - am i right? it always amazes me how much changing a light fixture can truly impact a room. light fixtures have a pretty huge range in pricing - you can break the bank or DIY light fixtures these days. 
i wanna show you how to coordinate your light fixtures without matching them.
here is that builder spec lighting i was referring to - its typical in every home when it is built, unless it is custom of course. insert the boob light.
Builder spec. poor lighting selection. Should've selected recessed can lighting. Hit your head on ceiling fixtures.
BLECK! builder spec lighting typically matches throughout the house and is on the cheap end. changing out lighting like this can be done on a fairly low budget and make a HUGE impact if done right. There are lots of factors that come into play when selecting lighting. i will go over a few..
  1. measure - height and width. your light should not be too small or too large for the space. if you are walking under the light it is best to choose a flush or semi-flush mount.
  2. ask yourself, is this ambient lighting or task lighting - will the fixture you chose create enough light to complete the task if task lighting?
  3. style, shape, finish, etc.
to get a custom look you want to coordinate your light fixtures and not match them. here is a good example of that.
kitchen possible?

i put together some lights that coordinate but are not too matchy.

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