Thursday, November 13, 2014

Master Bedroom

our master bedroom has a long way to go but i am trying to wrap my head around the design of the space so once it is ready, it can come together fairly quickly. it tends to be the neglected room in our homes.
people coming over = shove it in the master and shut the door. i am ready for a space that means leaving the door open when people come over and feeling proud.

this room is our inspiration.
i want something bright, cheery and no fuss
mike wants something serene and calming
this is where we ended up.

usually my rule of thumb is to pick the paint color last, but in this situation the paint color is pretty important so we started there first. this is what we decided on.
the top part of the walls will be atrium white. we have used atrium white throughout various spaces of the rest of the house and have loved it. i would rather not introduce another shade of white.

so here is where we are on the project list for this room

Project List
Phase 1:
  • Remove wallpaper
  • light fixture, something like this 
  • nightstands (paint them white? change hardware?)
  • duvet cover
  • pillow cases
  • throw pillows
  • curtain
  • curtain rod
  • art/painting over dresser

here is the mood board i developed for the space

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