Monday, March 25, 2013

Willow Jean//A Birth Story

Our sweet little baby is here and I couldn't be more excited to share our birth story.
Wednesday, March 20 was a regular day at work. I worked 8-4:30 and the only difference I noticed was that I needed to pee more frequently than normal. That evening was also a very regular evening with a continued increase in restroom visits. That night I woke up to pee around 11 and then drifted back off to sleep. At 1 am I woke up because I thought I was peeing myself. I reached down only to feel the bed was soaked and little squirts continued to escape me. I went to the bathroom and the rush of water came flowing out followed by yet another pee. I decided to try and get some sleep because delivery would be soon and I knew I needed my rest. Of course with the anxiety of labor and a new baby this was no easy task. By 2:30 am the contractions came and by 3:00 I was able to fall asleep. I woke at 5:30 and nothing. My husband was getting ready and heading to work. I decided not to say anything because I knew I wasn't in active labor and I knew it would be awhile. I laid there hoping to fall asleep but then wren woke at 6. I knew that my doctor would not want me to go past 12 hours "due to risk of infection" so I was determined to do whatever I could to get contractions going. I explained to wren that the baby would be coming today and that she would be staying with nomaw for a few days and would be able to come to the hospital to see the baby. I couldn't believe how well she seemed to understand. I started pumping in hopes that would help, but nothing. I packed wren up and called her nomaw. We played and played and then nomaw came to get her. I called my husband to let him know what had happened and to plan on leaving at noon to head to the hospital an hour away to arrive by 1, the twelve hour mark. It was snowing a bit outside but I knew I needed to take a walk. I bundled up and out I went. It felt like 1 continuous contraction from the time I walked out the door until I returned. But of course after I returned, nothing. I decided to stay busy and stay on my feet. I showered, got ready, completed packing and picked up around the house. During all of this I was receiving frequent phone calls from my hubby checking in on my status. He got home around 945, I had requested him to stop for more prenatals and witch hazel on the way home. I used my witch hazel to prepare 20 twatcicles (if u don't know about these, learn!)and then decided it was best for me to get more rest. We both laid down and slept for a little over an hour. I woke up at 11 and was ready to leave. We packed up the car and were out the door at 11:20. I knew once we were at the hospital I wouldn't be able to eat so we stopped for food and were on our way. Upon arriving and finishing up paperwork they checked me and I was 2cm. I was on the monitors and having no contractions. We were checked into a room around 1:45 and Pitocin began at 2:10. Contractions were irregular and they kept upping the dosage until we saw some results. By 4:30 the contractions were more regular and I was starting to have some pain but nothing major. By 6:30 the contractions were really strong but I was lucky to have a break in between. I decided to have her check me. After being on Pitocin for almost 5 hours I was only 4 cm. Judging by my amount of pain I thought for sure I was a 6 or 7. I was so discouraged. At 7:30 I asked if it was too early to check me again. By this time the pain was excruciating and I thought for sure I had to be 8 cm. I was only 6. At this point I know I told my husband several times that I didn't think I could do it. I was using every Bradley method and Ina May recommendation that I knew and there was no way I could get thru hours more of this. At 7:45 I demanded to be checked again, 7cm. The nurse told me she had a patient go natural a few days before and she saw her go from 6 to complete in 5 minutes and not to be afraid to call me in again. She called my doctor to notify him of my current state. She left the room. The contractions were Incredibly long and strong. With the next contraction I went from 7cm to feeling major pressure and reaching down to feel my baby crown. I screamed for my husband to call the nurse. She came In during a contraction, I was bearing down and trying not to push but I could feel the baby's head. My nurse began notifying the staff and my doctor that I was now complete. My doctor had assumed I would go fast and was getting ready in the locker room. He came in shortly and sat on the end of the bed and told me he was there and I could push when I was ready. I asked for a warm washcloth and he applied it with slight pressure to my vagina. With the next contraction I pushed and the baby's head came out, another slight push and the body followed. I went from 6cm at 7:30 to our baby being born at 8:08. It was the quickest most intense moment ever. The umbilical cord was short so I couldn't bring her to my chest but she sat in my lap. I was so happy to have another girl. My husband kissed me and I was so joyful and relieved. I only had a slight tear but the doctor gave me stitches to help with any discomfort. Once I gave birth to the placenta I began to nurse my baby. Since she was born later in the evening we had asked everyone to wait to come until the next day. It was nice to take our time with her. After nursing for over an hour we weighed her, measured her and she was given her shots. We hung out for awhile longer and then we gave her a bath and got her dressed around 11. It was so great to be up and doing these things with our baby. It was truly a magical birth and could not have been more perfect. I am so thankful to have had a natural birth with both of our daughters.
Willow Jean
8:08 pm
6lb 13 ounces
19" long

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