Saturday, April 6, 2013

dresser//before & after

we have had a chest of drawers in our room now for 5+ years that just wasn't cutting it.  don't get me wrong, it was beautiful, but when we refinished it we removed the hardware and never found any that met the dimensions.  so we have been fooling with the drawers without hardware for far too long.  it was time for a change.  my husband had the brilliant idea to snag a dresser from his childhood bedroom at his parents house.  honestly I had never paid any attention to it and I was not sure what we would be getting.  I was pleasantly I was ecstatic.  it was gorgeous and we could instantly see the "after" in our heads.  so wait no more, here it is and we LOVE it!
1st step lots of sanding
2nd spray paint gray primer
3rd glossy white spray paint on the hardware
then my husband had the brilliant idea of lining the drawers and I happened to have a roll of some gorg black and white damask flocked wallpaper laying around!
then for the last step came a coat of paint for the dresser
we went with krylon blue ocean breeze spray paint
so what do you think?
don't you love it?  my hubs did an amazing job!!!
and here I am with our girls! (saying that will never get old)

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