Wednesday, February 13, 2013

pregnancy update//34 weeks

i am 34 weeks today and feeling like i swallowed a basketball.  i feel like my stomach has really popped just in the past few days, and i only have more growing to do from here on out.  i imagine by the end, it will look as if i swallowed a watermelon! 
random tidbits.
-next appointment is the 25th
-i love bananas with almond butter and eat a ton of strawberries and egg salad sandwiches on wheat
-i also love subway, thank goodness, because it is all we have in this town!
-getting harder/more awkward to bend over
-need to buy a car seat, but other than that all of our "needs" for the baby have been purchased and are ready and waiting
-still slacking on reading my bradley book
-watched bits and pieces of more business of being born and learned a lot
-purchased wren a present for the baby to give her when we are in the hospital
-only 6 more weeks, eeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!

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