Tuesday, February 12, 2013


wren attends a program at the local library every tuesday.  they have story time and then they usually have a craft project, coloring or some other activity.  wren loves it and has met a lot of great kids.  they have fun themes and usually do something for every holiday.  today they are celebrating valentine's day of course, and were supposed to bring valentine's to exchange.  
i am sure i was more excited than her to craft up some amazing valentine's but she was pretty pumped when she saw that they were dinosaurs.  if you saw my valentine post, you probably already had an idea that i would do something candy free:)  after doing that post i headed to the dollar store to see what kind of goodies i could snag up.  i had a few ideas in mind and ended up finding a package of 9 mini dinosaurs for $1.00....i snagged two of them.  
that is literally the only money that i spent on these valentine's.  probably my cheapest project ever, and i would be pretty pumped to receive a dinosaur if i was a kid.
i created the cards and printed them on white card stock, because that is what i had.  you could totally do it on colored card stock. i went with a black and white design and went back with my red sharpie pen to add some color, but you could add color if you wish with the printing process.  you can download my card designs below.
i used a single hole punch to punch 2 holes in the cards and wrapped black and white bakers twine around the dinosaur to attach them, i already had the twine.

to make your own dinosaur valentine's, download the design here.


  1. I'd love to use these yet every time I click on the link to your printables it says I am not granted access. Any way around this? Thanks!