Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy hearts.

i have a super happy heart, and not just because it is valentine's day but because i had an amazing time with my girlfriends this past weekend.  we got way too little sleep, talked about extremely inappropriate things and ate way too much food.  all of which i absolutely needed.  it was so hard to leave my family and to schedule an entire weekend away from them.  i was so excited to see my friends but dreaded leaving my family and i cannot tell you how needed it was.  i didn't feel like i needed the trip at all but when i got back i definitely realized that i did.  when i came back i came back a better person and a better wife.  i feel like i always put everything into being a mother but i often neglect myself and my marriage.  having an entire weekend to focus on myself; shopping eating, lounging, etc. made me feel 100% better about the skin i am in, which in turn affected my aura.  it was very inspiring!  
as for my marriage, i think it is so easy to sweat the small stuff and to get into a routine, or as some would like to refer to it, a rut.  this weekend left me feeling good about myself which made me feel good about my marriage.  our hours of inappropriate talking, yeah that didn't hurt either.  it's nice to sit back and separate yourself form your day to day life sometimes and realize how lucky you are and how much you truly love and adore your husband.  he is a pretty magnificent man and i am so happy to have him and to have him as the father of my children.  i think it is safe to say this may be the best valentine's day ever:)

anywho...back to our girls weekend.
we did some antiquing in franklin!

this is my best friend lindsey, or as i call her, lu.  she is pretty much the sweetest person on the planet and is an AMAZING photographer.  don't worry, we didn't forget maternity photos this weekend!  can't wait to see and share those!

 found all kinds of goodies!

chrislyn actually went home with this awesome light fixture.

and this was by far the coolest thing we saw all day.
i will tell you all about my super sweet purchase at the end of the post:)

then we were headed to the mall, and much to our delight the flying cupcake van was in the parking lot!!!!
let me tell you they were YUMMMYYY!
I even brought one home for wren, and she LOVED it!


and as for my antique find, a fisher price desk, complete with every piece!
try and tell me you didn't have one as a kid.
and she loves it!!

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