Thursday, December 13, 2012


well we are gearing up for the holidays and it has been one busy weekend after the other for us.  i am so stoked that our only plan this weekend is a birthday party sunday afternoon.  i am very excited for the party though, wren typically loves children's parties, and she is particularly fond of this child. 
things are changing a lot around our house, particularly with wren.  it is stunning how much she has changed/grown up in the last couple months.  you never know what to expect with her.  sometimes when you tell her no she is fine and moves on, other times she breaks down crying.  i assume this is the onset of what they refer to as "the terrible twos".  she is also starting to respond to bribery and i am leading the way thinking of new bribes daily!  she is definitely at a miss independent stage so the bribery works in my favor.  i have had to change the night time and nap routine due to her growing older, needing less sleep, less attention, etc. and it is working beautifully (hopefully that continues on through and after the two year molars).  she constantly wants to help, exclaiming "help momma mommy".  just over the past couple weeks we have graduated to mommy and daddy.  she says it super cute but i also kinda miss momma :(
she is expressing a lot of interest in potty training.  yesterday she was crazy good at it.  
well 2012 has brought many changes and i am sure 2013 will do the same, especially with the new baby coming!

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