Wednesday, December 12, 2012

family tradition

"we real tree folk round her"
my husband is the best tree picker EVER!  he goes to the tree farm every year and always comes home with the perfect tree. last year we were in tight quarters, so we down-sized, but this year we are back to our 7 footer.
i have a photo of myself as a child, i would assume around the age of three, and my dad is holding me way over his head so that I can put the star on the tree. every time i see that photo i immediately go back in time to that very moment, and i can not help but smile. this is something i knew that i wanted my husband and daughter to do together, and something i new i wanted to capture year after year. i know it will be nice having that photo of them doing the same activity each christmas. 
granted, my tall husband doesn't have to reach quite as much.



i think this goes without saying....
but what the hell
dear santa, i need a good camera!!!!!

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