Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY//Ottoman Pouf

i have been wanting to make an ottoman/pouf for who knows how long.  friday i spent some time pinning other diy ottomans in search of a swift kick in the a** inspiration.  saturday during wren's nap time i felt the need to get crafty, i opened my craft closet, and much to my delight i had all of the supplies i needed to get to work on my ottoman!  i was filled with pure delight.  why hadn't i already done this?
and best of all, i completed all but clean-up during nap time, this took less than two hours folks!
and did i mention FREE, zippo, zilch!!!!

first things first; gather your supplies.
-sewing machine
-thread in your color of choice//i used white
-fabric (approximately 1 yard)//i used leftover kravet fabric from a client project(make sure it is upholstery weight fabric)
-velcro//i used black
-foam//i used 2"
-batting or down//i used a combination of both

step 1
lay out your fabric with the right side facing down.  trace two circles to desired size//i used an 18" table top.  cut out your circles at least 1" outside your trace mark

step 2
hem one of the circles, set aside for base of ottoman

step 3
measure how tall you want your ottoman and cut fabric accordingly.  you will want to cut it about 6" larger than desired height//i made mine taller than my sofa seat to make up for the "give" when placing your feet on top.  it is surprisingly pretty sturdy, so you definitely do not have to do this.
i just cut a long strip at desired height x length of fabric.  
then hem one of the long sides of the strip
(sorry no photo)
step 4
pin the circle that you did not hem along the other long side of the strip (the side you did not hem), then sew.
sew the ends of the strip together to close up the ottoman.  remove any excess fabric

step 5
turn fabric right side out
step 6
cut out a circle in your foam, same size as top and bottom of ottoman.
place inside ottoman, push snuggly to top.
cut a strip of foam to desired height of ottoman minus 2"
place inside of ottoman

step 9
get to stuffing!
i first filled mine with batting, and TONS of it!

step 10
i actually then shoved a down filled eurosham in mine.  it game me the weight and firmness that i needed.
other options would be more batting or more foam circles.
(sorry no photo)
step 11
remember how i told you to cut your strip for the sides 6" longer?
well you used up 1" or 2" when sewing the top on, and 1" or 2" when hemming.  the rest will be used to attach the bottom.
take your hemmed circle and attach velcro to wrong side
i definitely recommend sewing the velcro to the circle

step 12
pull the hemmed end of the sides taught to the bottom and attach the circle that you just applied velcro to.  once in place i recommend hand sewing the velcro to the sides.
now when it needs washed you can just pull apart the velcro and it is washable.

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