Wednesday, December 5, 2012

to advent or not to advent.

that is the question.
that i asked myself last year!!!
this year was for sure a yes.  it is so fun now that wren actually understands (mostly) what is happening with holidays, christmas is going to be especially fun this year.
we get a real tree, from the tree farm, every year.  my husband goes to the farm, picks out the tree, and brings it home.  when the tree arrived last night wren was esctatic.  she was pointing, smiling and exclaiming christmas tree.  it was such a special moment. 
it arrived right before bed time, so this morning when i carried her into the living room, she started pointing and exclaiming again..i think she was so excited it was still there.  i know she will love it even more, when we begin decorating it tonight.
knowing that she is more aware, i knew that this would be the perfect year to begin an advent calendar.  i really want to have traditions that she can look forward to each year.  i am however, having trouble coming up with 25 activities GEESH!
anywho, i recommend all you momma's to do an advent calendar for your kiddos.  she loves flipping over the card each day and she loves the organized activities.
don't forget, tonight st. nicholas comes!!!!!!
i have not had good daylight to post photos of our advent calendar, but i will, promise!

happy adventing:)

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