Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY//Drop Cloth Zebra Print Rug

If you are anything like me, you are always a sucker for a cheap DIY project. Well this one was no exception.
We have carpet virtually everywhere in our house and with the mini craft queen running around I can't bare the thought of cleaning anymore playdoh ground into the carpet.
We needed a rug and nothing plush and nothing that would matter if it got ruined.
I have seen a ton of drop cloth rug tutorials. Some I am amazed by and others I wouldn't step foot on. It was time to take my own quest.

First gather your materials, all of my materials came from Home Depot and I spent about $15.00
-permanent marker
-6x9 drop cloth
-another drop cloth or something to protect the surface you are painting on
-paint color of your choice

Step 1
Fold the drop cloth in half and trace the shape of your rug in sharpie

Step 2
Cut out the shape. Don't worry about the edges fraying this helps it take on the look of a natural Hyde

Step 3
Unfold and make sure the shape is exactly how you want it

Step 4
Iron the rug

Step 5
Layout protective drop cloth and apply primer to rug

Step 6
Let it dry at least one hour.  I opted for 24 hours just to be sure it was dry.

Step 7
Draw on the zebra pattern. Do not be afraid this is a very natural pattern it does not need to be perfect. Find a rug online that you like and look at the photo as you draw.  You may try practicing on a sheet of paper if you are nervous about this step

Step 8
Paint the stripes
Step 9
Let your rug dry overnight before walking on it.

Oh my goodness, I am in love!