Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween treat bags.

happy halloween, a day late!
i was a bit under the weather yesterday, so sorry for the delay.

 wren and i did these simple halloween treat bags for her to hand out at the library for her halloween party this week.  i cannot even begin to tell you how excited i was when they requested that the kids bring treats.  my creative juices began flowing immediately.  m and i try to make healthy choices for w and did not want to load the other kids up on sugar either.
so, this is what we came up with!
we used brown paper lunch sacks purchased from the local grocery store.
i drew the bat on a peice of scrap paper and we painted a black bat on each bag.  w did need a bath after this craft!
i think you could have used spray paint, but we went the acrylic route since we were doing it indoors.
note:  i am horrible about taking photos during the process, so only the final photo of the completed bags were taken by me.
each bag contained peaches or unsweetened applesauce, with a happy jack-o-lantern face on top.  i drew the faces on with a sharpie, it was a cinch.
i did want to offer a bit of sweet, so each bag has some chocolate dipped pretzel rods.
we also put some stickers in each bag, (not pictured.)

we punched holes in the bag and tied them shut with black & white or orange & white bakers twine.  each bag had a orange, purple or lime green tag.
and, VOILA a healthy fun treat bag for kids.

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