Friday, October 26, 2012


a little paint can go a long way, so do not be afraid to use it. 
painted doors are all the rage right now, and why wouldn't they be.  they add instant character to your home for an incredibly low it gives those people who are afraid of color just the pop that they need on a small scale.
check it.

and if you're feeling a little adventurous and have some time on your hands, have fun with it!


and here is a good example of what not to do....YIKES!

a couple pointers:
-stick with two colors, (unless you are an artist)
-preferably one of those colors should be white, cream or a light color
-pick a pattern and stick to it
-don't paint your trim
-pick an accent color, a color that goes well with other things in the space but will be an unexpected pop
happy painting.

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  1. Hey Ashley! Josh and I have been debating shutter color since July and we haven't quite figured it out. Our house is a pale yellow and our shutters are currently white. I'm not sure what color to go with... I'd love something on trend, but not too edgy... just something to get rid of the outdated/bland look.