Monday, February 1, 2010

GEICO's lasting impression

There is a Geico commercial out there, I think it is the one about a buck....the lizard needs money for the vending machine, well anyway in the background of the office there is a splatter painting. One of my best friends saw that painting and HAD to have it. Well I decided that I was going to paint it for him and dug a little deeper to find out more about the painting, only to discover that it was a Jackson Pollack. If I was not intimidated already, I was extremely intimidated at this point! After finding the video of the commercial on You Tube, finding the perfect moment where there was an awesome view of the painting, I freezed the screen and printed it off. Went home that evening, got to work and WALLA!

I LOVE IT!...and so did he:)


  1. You are incredibly awesome... haha Ive been looking everywhere for that painting, also to find out that it was a Jackson pollack. Well lets just say I dont have 10mill to throw at it. lol

    Look like I said I love that painting, If theres anyway I could get you to make one for me and sign it would be one of my most prized possessions.

    For you to make that says alot about your artistic side...Verry nice;)

    I would be willing to pay you please Email me

    Best Regards,


    Ps. Doesn't the painting look like an illustration of the Universe.. Verry cool. Take care

  2. Nathan-
    Your words are incredibly kind. I like to refer to myself as an amateur artist:) Painting is so fun and such a great way to spend time and energy! Of course I will send you an email. Thank you for reading:)

  3. This is a great looking painting... what was your method?

  4. Thank you, I can not take much credit as it is a Pollack painting that I simply recreated for a friend.
    Well my husband stretched the canvas and made the canvas frame for me and then I painted it white. The method for splattering the black was this....I covered all of the canvas with paper except for the center. I left the center open from one side of the canvas to the other, loaded my paint brush with black paint and splattered away. I just kept repositioning and moving the paper as I went and repeated the process. At the end I took all of the paper off and did some random splatters and then it was done. My husband made fun of me, but afterwards my arm was quite sore from all of the aggressive splattering!

  5. That is awesome. Thanks for the info. I give you points for stretching your own canvas, I've only used store bought so far... I've always enjoyed Pollacks and even though his splatter-style looks so random I know his methods were unique.

  6. do you happen to know the name of the painting?

  7. Good question, but no I do not. Let me know if you find out!

  8. Wow!!! I have looked for this painting ever since I saw the Geico ad. I tried calling Geico and their advertising agency to ask who the artist was or the name of the painting but had no luck. It is amazing how perfect your painting is!!

    Like Nathan before me, I too would pay for a nice big copy of this painting. I might try to actually do it myself even though I've never done anything artistic. :)

    If you are able to help me, please contact me at

    Thank you