Thursday, March 7, 2013

pregnancy update//37 weeks

sorry i skipped out last week.  things have been super busy in addition to it being the month that our little baby will be here and the month that our precious wren turns 2!  where has the time gone?
i feel like the baby has been super active the last couple days and wren has been calling out for us at night after we lay her down.  i wonder if they are both sensing what is coming?!?!?!
this weekend we "spring forward", woo hoo.  that is one thing i despise about living in indiana.  i feel like i am finally in the groove and then the time zone changes.  wren has been sleeping from 830/9 to about 630 lately and i am not excited to make that 10 to 730.  it will definitely be an adjustment getting her back on track.
here is a belly shot at 37 weeks, i took this yesterday.  
well happy thursday everyone!

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