Friday, January 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week 30

so i stumbled upon a blog today, not a new one, but not one i frequent either...she was pregnant and did pregnancy updates pretty often.  i wondered to myself why i wasn't doing the same.  i guess i figure no one cares about my personal life, but then looking back it seems i get more comments on posts that are personal than i do on posts regarding interior design, graphic design, and DIY projects.  not sure why, maybe more people can relate to those posts????

anyhow, so now i am going to do pregnancy updates for you all. (sorry if you are one of those who could care less) too bad i didn't start at as soon as i found out :/  would have been a great pregnancy journal.
i will be 31 weeks on wednesday, my how this pregnancy has flown by.  
i had my glucose test at 28 weeks and all was well, whew!  i totally psyched myself out before the test.  my mom was diabetic with my brother and i totally feared i would get it too.  but no, yay!  also had my rho gam shot and listened to the babies heart beat.  this kid doesn't get worked up about anything.  the heartbeat has never been over 134.  wren was usually in the 150's.  oh and in case you didn't know, we do not know the sex.  it will be interesting to see if the old wives tale is correct.....
so far it seems this pregnancy is pretty much the same as with wren.....weight gain is lower though, i have gained 18 pounds to date. (i gained a total of 50 pounds with wren) 
random tidbits
-i typically wake up once per night to pee
-can definitely tell if i do not drink enough water
-feel incredibly exhausted by 8pm
-just now getting the brown line on my tummy
-baby moves around often
-i have contractions every day, did not have that with wren
-wren thinks the baby is going to come out of my belly button
-wren has started telling the baby every day that she is their sister and also kisses my belly and lays her head on it
-no real cravings per say
-totally slacking on doing my bradley stuff and reading the book
-baby clothes are washed and ready but still need to set up bassinet and swing
-hospital bag is partially packed
-completed my birth plan yesterday

wren's big girl bed arrives this weekend, wish us luck!

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  1. after requests for my birth plan, you can now click on "my birth plan" to download the pdf