Thursday, January 17, 2013

little bit of this and that.

so many exciting things going on right now, i do not know where to begin.  i reached the 30 week mark this week......this is the home stretch.  i feel like the last 10 weeks of pregnancy fly by.  i have started packing my hospital bag and this weekend wren is making the transition into a big girl bed (more to come on that).  this will free up the crib so it will be ready for the baby.  i feel like i have so much else to do though.  most of our baby stuff is at my mom's and i am yet to get it and wash everything.  i do have all of the gender neutral clothes washed though!  i am hoping that it all comes together and is ready by week 35 so i can just relax!

this is my attempt of getting a shot of wren "kissing the baby", she moves quick!

some of this amazing amy butler fabric coming our way!

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