Tuesday, November 20, 2012

modern vs. classic

my husband and i are very into architecture.  we love things that are different, and most of all efficient.  however, i will never lose my love for things that are beautiful.  we have a dream of one day building a home, and i know the most important thing to him will be the efficiency of the home (how it is built, building materials, energy, etc.).  while this is very important to me, it will also be equally important for me to love that home and be happy in it forever.

if i ever have down time, you can almost always find me with a note pad drawing a floor plan or the exterior of a house.  i have a lot of practice with drawing houses and making them beautiful, but i always have trouble creating something that truly reflects both of our personalities.  either he loves it, or i love it, never do we both love it.  so i am on the hunt for inspiration to create something we will both love.  a drawing that we can tweak for 5, 10 or hell who knows how many years.  if for some reason we never get around to building it, it will at least be fun during the process.

so, is it possible?  can these two types of designs be married?

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  1. Would you mind sharing where you found these homes? The last 2? Did they come from an architecture site...possibly with floorplans or more photos?