Tuesday, October 2, 2012

shared rooms.

if you haven't already heard, m and i are expecting our second little blessing on march 27th.  we couldn't be more thrilled to give w a playmate and to have another child to ooh and ahh over.  being a parent is the most rewarding job ever.  i cannot imagine my life before w. 
we are currently in a 3 bedroom house and really enjoy having a guest room, so we have decided for the kiddos to share a room.  i think they will love this.  i don't know if it is something we will do forever, but for right now i think it is what is best for our family.  w is still in her crib so we will have to transition her into a bed at some point.  i am sure i will not be getting much sleep once the baby arrives, so that may be the perfect tim to do it.  i cannot get shared room ideas out of my head!  of course pinterest has been my best friend.
this is wren's room now.
(the scale is off, but you get the idea)
so i have been looking at photos getting inspiration on a shared room.
wren has the same rocker, only white.  i love the idea of a small table with a chair instead of an end table that would probably just get knocked over.  the little table could have a lamp and would be a great place to sit a drink while i was nursing the little one.....yes i plan to nurse again:)

we currently use a bookshelf in the living room and the changing table to house all of wren's books.  now that the changing table has to store items for 2 people, this will no longer be an option.  w is obsessed with reading so our living room is also always a mess with books everywhere.  i definitely want to incorporate bookshelves into the new room.

i totally want to incorporate a chalkboard into the room.  not sure if it will happen, but i love the idea.

i think that this is the bed i want to go with for wren.  it is extendable which i think is perfect.  she seems so tiny still to stick in a twin bed that something that can be small at first and grow with her will be best.  it is from ikea, and super affordable.
so after much consideration i think this is the layout we will go with.
so what do you think...would you do a shared room?


  1. The bed is super cute! I'm not sure that I would brave having a toddler room with a newborn. I'm just imagining the toddler waking the baby up and vice versa. I might keep the baby in our room until he/she is sleeping through the night, then moving the baby in with the toddler. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  2. Oops, that last comment was from me! :)