Wednesday, October 3, 2012

life and love.

it is funny how i constantly find myself struggling for things to blog about but as soon as i begin reading other blogs i am immediately out of my rut.  i think that it inspires me to blog about life.  life as it is, not how i want it or wish it just my everyday life. 
i can't seem to wrap my finger around why i do not blog as often as i want when i know there is plenty to discuss.  i guess i just forget that everyone has similar struggles and leaps and bounds they must go through.  why go through it alone?
i am currently in a really positive place in life.  with my marriage, (happy anniversary to me by the way) with my daughter, with our home, with my work, with my family, etc. 
i have struggled with moving back home due to leaving the vast majority of my friends in the city.  i cannot even begin to explain how much i miss them.  it is funny how life changes.  in my 20's it was nothing for me to meet and make new friends/friendly acquaintances, but my how time changes.  we took w to the park last week and we met a lovely little lady of 2.  she is a photographer, told us her name and to look her up on facebook.  it was funny how giddy my husband and i were.  to finally meet someone new that is artsy like us.  she mentioned getting the kids together for play dates.  just the opportunity of w playing with a child just down the road that was her age was music to my ears.  when we go to the city, all of our friends have kiddos her age and it is so fun!!! 
it is funny how we do not make friends like we used to.  as i have gotten older i have definitely gotten wiser and i know that the friends i have left that i would consider my BFF's would do anything for me and i am very blessed to have them in my life....including my husband.
a HUGE thank you to our amazing friends, and a HUGE kiss for my fabulous husband on our anniversary.  i love you more everyday babe. xoxoxo

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