Monday, May 14, 2012

happy belated momma's day

well this year mother's day was extra special, mostly because of all i have to be thankful for, including this sweet little worn out face.......

and because it was my birthday, i am to the point where i am no longer counting, but none the less it was my birthday.
that morning i was woke up by the dog who needed to go out.  thankfully the hubster took care of it and told me to stay in bed, oh how i needed to hear that!  after i leisurely got out of bed, took a shower and got ready, i walked into the dining room to see a brand new bike AHHHHHHHHHH!  i had a flash back to christmas morning when i was 10 and saw my pink and purple huffy in front of the christmas tree!  oh how excited i was, and am!  I cannot wait to get a bike seat and strap Wren to the back.  we woke up in the morning and had pancakes (wren's favorite) with mikes parents.  then we headed to the zoo.  it was perfect outside for a zoo trip.  in the evening we layed low and visited with my grandma, and then my sister came over.  i think these photos pretty much sum up the day!

 thanks to pinterest, nutella cheesecake....mmmmmmmmmm
so what did you do?

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