Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post 30 of 30: prom

so this year was my little brothers first prom!  we are 11 years apart and part of me still feels like he is a baby.  seeing him all dressed up for prom was so cool and the best part was the i got to do his flowers!  no, i am not a floral designer, no, i have not had any formal training.  i have dabbled in flowers a bit in the past but this was all very new for me.  thankfully there is you tube, and thankfully i have a besty that is an AMAZING floral designer.  poor thing had to answer all kinds of questions from me. 
In the end the flowers turned out beautifully and were very different from what the other girls were wearing!
hopefully i get the pleasure of doing their flowers again, despite the fact that shelby lost a rose, WOOPSY!

  shelby's corsage

torrin's boutineere

 torrin and shelby

another couple asked me to do their flowers as well :)

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