Monday, March 26, 2012

post 28 of 30:partaaaay

well this weekend was a hit.  wren loved her party and her cake.  she was so dainty with it, it was too cute!  our photographer did not make it, but thankfully my cousin billy took some photos for me!
mason jars were used for glasses and to hold centerpeices and table decor
the paper straws were ordered from etsy, here.
the drink dispenser came from walmart.

plates and napkins came from target
remember the owl pitcher before, here?

i made two cakes, one for guests, and an owl for wren to smash
i made the cake topper as well as the food label tent cards

thank you bluebirdkisses for the amazing cake recipe

 owl confetti was ordered from etsy, here.
i made the smash cake using a glass measuring cup.  for the ears i broke an oreo in half and then iced!
i made the cupcakes and ordered these adorable cupcake holders from etsy, here.

 i made the cake topper
for a wonderful tutorial on ruffles, go here.

 owl confetti was purchased from etsy, here.
 i ordered the banner from etsy, here.

i also made her owl outfit.
and of course i did the invites:)


  1. wow that ruffle cake is BEAUTIFUL! I love this theme and I love how everything came together. Beautiful job!! :)

  2. Thank you Ana, could not have made the cake without you!!!