Monday, February 6, 2012

post 8 of 30: hooty hoo

as you are well aware, wren's 1st birthday is coming up.  this weekend i set out to make her birthday outfit.  YAY!  the party is an owl theme, so we needed a little owl:)  want to make an owl outfit of your own? 
what you will need:
-2 yards of flannel or felt (i used flannel, and i used 2 different colors, so a yard of each)
-hot glue gun
-10 small glue sticks/5 large glue sticks

1. Cut your fabric into 3" strips.  if you are using more than one color, you will want to cut equal amounts of both.  how much you will need will depend on the size of your onesie.

2.  cut your fabric to look like feathers.  it is basically a triangle with a rounded point.  do not worry about being perfect here.  flannel/felt is very forgiving and with the way these are laid out you will not see small mistakes once they are applied to the onesie.  after cutting, you can always go back and tweak your cuts to make them smoother.  leave about a 1" strip at the top, do not take your triangle to the very top of the fabric.
3.  lay your strips out on your onesie and cut them at the nearest feather that is a little longer than the onesie.  do not cut any feathers in half.  this is where you can see if you have cut enough strips to cover your onesie, if not, cut more.
4.  you will have some small peices, that were extra at the end of the strip, keep those.
5.  start the hot glue gun!  start at the bottom of your onesie, just above the snaps and work your way up.  start with a small strip of two feathers.  i started with a pink strip.  run a bead of hot glue at the top of your two feathers and glue.  then run a bead of hot glue just above that row of feathers, directly on the shirt.  then i took another small strip of two feathers in navy and stuck it on.  then i went to three feathers, still rotating from pink to navy, and so on.  remember you want to cover the whole onesie so you do not see any white.  two or three feather may not work for you, adjust so you the strips are as wide as your onesie.  continue all the way to the top.
note:  i put a peice of cardboard in between so i did not glue my shirt together.

6.  when you get to the top you will need to cut a custom peice to finish it off.  just use your shirt as they guide.  i cut a large square, the width of the onesie, laid it down and then laid the onesie on top.  from the top i cut the u shape of the neck out of the flannel.  along the other end i cut my feathers.  then i ran a bead of hot glue along the neck and tightly pushed my flannel up against it. 

7.  trim along the side of the onesie any extra fabric.  i trimmed along the seam.  glue down an extra bits hanging off.  smooth out any imperfections you see with your scissors.
8.  cut your wings.  i cut mine using three different shapes.  shap 1 and 3 were in navy, and shape 2 was in pink.  i folded my fabric in half to ensure the wings would be identical.  i really just "winged" it.  you can cut whatever shape you want.  i would measure your little one so you know how tall you want your wings.  then cut the other peices to fit inside.
9.  glue the wings to the top of your onesie.

note:  be sure not to close/or glue the flap shut as you will need this to easily slip the onesie over their head.
i also put a dot of glue at the top of the sleeve on the front and back side for more wing support.

and wah-la, one little adorable :) owl

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