Thursday, February 2, 2012

post 7 of 30: custom

just to be clear, some of you may not know, that i do custom work as well!  i love it when a bride approaches me with all of the details of the most amazing day of their life.  i love it when a mother has worked so hard to perfect her little ones birthday but cant find an invitation that is the exact match.  these are my favorite projects.  sure i have created several paper goods for sale on my store, but my favorite projects are those that are created personally for you.  i was recently approached by mel and lance to do their paper goods.  i have been dabbling here and there with graphics but i am super pumped to dive in to this project.  here's what mel is working with...

....and here's what i am working with, of course only a snippet, i can't give the details away!
the mason jar things seems to be big, i am also using mason's for wren's first birthday....anyone else theming with mason's?

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