Monday, February 20, 2012

post 18 of 30: roots

i needed to get back to my roots with a post on interior design.  funny that i consider interior design my roots.  i have been collecting some inspirational photos for quite some time but have neglected them on one of many boards on pinterest.  so today, i am finally sharing.
kitchens are on my brain quite frequently.  no not because i am getting a new one, no not because i even see a new kitchen in my future, just because there are endless options and opportunities.  have i mentioned that aqua, and all colors in the range, are totally my favorite colors.  my husband jokes that i sneak the color in on every project, not every project i tell him, but most!  my clients haven't complained, so i am going to keep on truckin'.
well this color has made its entrance in its fair share of kitchens as well, and i am DEFINITELY NOT complaining.  i think i could live very happily in any of these kitchens, as for the hubby, hmm not so sure.

the above kitchen is by far the most amazing kitchen EVER

so would you do it?  would you take the plunge into this heavenly color?

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