Monday, December 5, 2011


Saturday I had a haircut, and afterwards, I felt like I needed to get "out" for  a bit.  There is an antique store, Ferdinand Antique Emporium, about 15 minutes down the road, so I headed that way!  I went there in hopes to find nighstands for our Master Bedroom.  As I mentioned before, I need nightstands with storage.  I found this beaut, but it did not solve my storage problems.
So I continued to look, I definitely found some possibilities, but completely out of my price range.....
Loved this, but have no need for it and no pocket book to support it.

(Don't mind Wren and I's reflection in the mirror.)

I also saw this.

and this..

none of which came home with me.

Then, the Pièce de résistance!

Solid Marble top, amazingly beautiful carvings, GASP!  In love.
I snapped these pictures while in the store, and when the hubby came home I told him ALL about it.  He could not believe that I came home empty handed.  Back to the store he went, and brought it home for me.  Oh I love him so much, I think he is a keeper:)
We snagged it for only $80bucks and it is in impeccable condition!

And here it is, back at home...FOREVER(in my best Sand Lot voice)!
Don't mind my messy house, I was sick all weekend:(

And when we got home from the store, we had a little package from Fedex....
Inside, these lovely glittery boots for Wren!

Thanks Heidi, you are the BEST!

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