Monday, October 3, 2011

Sucked in by Hermes

Today, I came across this post on the Cococozy blog and remembered the classic orange Hermes framed in a designer friend of mines foyer.  When I saw the framed Hermes, I thought to myself, how PERFECT!  Their scarves are so beautiful, but some are not exactly "wearable"....but to purchase one that matches your interior decor, and have it framed is simply GENIUS.  This got me looking!  I do not have the pocket book that supports an Hermes, but I can dream:)
What Hermes would I buy to hang on my wall?

Although this photo is blurry, for me, this ones wins hands down!
I imagine a simple white frame would be fitting:)

Oh, and by the way Coco, I imagine your scarf would be quite "pretty" framed in an all white room.

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