Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love Lamp.....

I have been itching and itching to go antique shopping, so finally on this rainy Saturday, I have my chance! I don't know about you other antique shoppers/flea market hunters out there, but I know that this one has to have a list before heading out. There are just too many beautiful treasures out there that I have the potential of coming home with that I do NOT need! So, first step, the mental list. On my list Saturday were, Sconces for our bedroom, Chair&Ottoman for Living Room, Lamp for Living Room, Chandelier and a magazine rack/holder. I managed to come home with 2 of the 5 things I needed and nothing else:)
I found this lamp sitting ever so pretty on top of a dresser in a HUGE room, had I not prepared my mental list, this lamp would have been overlooked. I loved it but decided I did not want to carry it throughout the entire 2 story humongous warehouse of antiques and left it for a second look. After browsing and coming across the perfect magazine rack, I came back to the lamp, which was still as beautiful as the first time and with the price tag of $35 was calling my name! After looking it over I noticed that the drum shade was lined with metallic SILVER, AHHHH. Me and metallics are best friends in case you have not caught on. This lamp just went from calling my name to having my name printed all over it! Double checked it at the counter to make sure it was functioning and home I went!

one pit-stop at Lowes for a light yellow can of spray paint
and then we have the cutest yellow cherub lamp EVER!

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