Monday, March 8, 2010


I do not know if any of you are as excited as me about the new Alice-n-Wonderland movie?!?!?!
My friend saw it in 3-D yesterday and was just RAVING about it, I AM OFFICIALLY JEALOUS:( I am so ready to see this movie, anybody wanna be my date? Well, thinking about the movie got me remembering the baby shower that I threw for my bestie! The shower was an Alice-n-Wonderland Tea Party, and it was the cutest thing ever! This was before my blogging days, but luckily I found the photos to share.
This was where the guests signed in to the shower, and they could guess the baby's weight and date of birth. Sarah, Chrislyn and I spent a lot of time drawing and rendering this bad boy! It turned out to be a wonderful alternative to a guest book and a wonderful keepsake for Lindsey(Mommy)!
The table was adorned with teacups, tea kettles, candles, mini cakes, placemats, bud vases, tall vases and flowers.

Each chair back had a flower that was tied on by a colorful bow.
The cake table had fans for the guests, for the hot day.

The Mad Hatter Cake

The Garden where Mommy opened her presents while sitting on the mushroom.

The food and drink table under the colorful chinese lanterns.

Mommy drinking her tea:)

"Drink me" bottles to make you smaller.

"Eat Me" Cakes to make you bigger.

Planning this party was SO MUCH fun and you would not believe the look on her face when she arrived! She loved every bit of it, even the flamingo croquet we played at the end! Just dye tube socks hot pink and tie them around the croquet mallet with a pink ribbon. Make black eyes and an orange beak out of felt, glue on and WALLA! Flamingo croquet. What a hit!

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  1. Best baby shower ever! How will I ever top that one?!!! I better start planning now...