Friday, February 12, 2010

I LOVE my grandparents!!!!

So my Granparents, being the wonderful people that they are have totally let me raid their home. Well, not really but REALLY!
A little over a year ago they invited my husband and I over for dinner. They told us that they had something to discuss with us. Next thing I know, Grandma has a brochure for a new subdivision in Fishers, Indiana. She opens up the brochure, shows us a beautiful home and floorplan and proceeds to tell us that they are building a new home and moving in May. WOW! This was a huge shock to us. They had a beautiful home in Indianapolis and I never thought they would move. They had been talking for years about updating the house they lived in and I was waiting for that news....but no! They were so excited like kids in a candy store to build a home together and make it everything they had ever wanted.
Well a little background on my husband and I.......I am an Interior Designer at Z&R Design in Fishers, Indiana and I like to call myself an amateur artist, while my husband Mike owns his own Home Remodeling company, Clean Feet.
They were basically getting ready to share with us our plans for the next year of our lives! We are so grateful to have such wonderful grandparents that were willing to put the fate of their new home in our hands! We have had so much fun with the house and now it is DONE! I am so excited to share these photos, this home makes me smile every time I am there, and not just because I get to see my grandparents :)

Thanks Lu, for your wonderful photography skills!!

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