Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pregnancy update//33 weeks

well i am at 33 weeks now, only 7 more left to go eeeks!  i had a doctors appointment friday and all is going well/smoothly.  this little baby doesn't get worked up about anything, 120bpm (wren was always in the 150s.)  thanks to everything going smoothly i do not go back to the doctor until the 25th of this month which will put me 2 days away from being 36 weeks.  i am sure i will be the size of a blimp by then!

as things are progressing well and smoothly with the baby, wren has been under the weather.  last week she picked up an upper respiratory infection and yesterday i was called by my father in-law to come get my daughter because she was  not consolable.  wren never cries really and she has never done anything like this.  i went to get her and tried everything to calm her down.  then she said she wanted to go home and go to sleep in the car, so we left.  she cried all the way home.  when we got home she continued crying for another hour despite my efforts to do everything i thought possible.  by this point i was freaking out and was ready to go to the emergency room.  i gave her some ibuprofen and called her doctor.  they thought immediately that it was an ear infection from all of the drainage from her upper respiratory infection, they told me i should go to a nearby urgent care center.  after i got off of the phone i started getting us dressed (we had just gotten out of the bath, an attempt to help soothe her) and then instantly she stopped crying.  the ibuprofen had worked!  our poor baby girl must have been in some horrible pain.  we hopped in the car and headed to memorial urgent care center in huntingburg.  luckily for wren, she fell asleep on the way there.  i had never been to this clinic before and i can honestly say that we had an AMAZING experience!  the amazing experience started before we even walked in the door.  when i got there, wren still sleeping, i noticed the parking lot was really crowded so i called and asked them the wait time.  45 minutes to an hour, oye.  i explained to her the situation and told her wren was finally asleep and that i would hate to wake her.  they let me fill out some paper work and sit in the car with wren so she could sleep until they were ready for her.  they even called my cell phone when it was time to go in, AND the wait was closer to 35 minutes.  we walked right in and wren was seen by the nurse, and then the doctor.  this was wren's first time with a male doctor and i was a little nervous but he was so good with her and so genuine about his job and her well being.  he discovered that wren had a double ear infection.  she has never had an ear infection before so that would explain her crying out in pain, i was so happy to pinpoint the problem but felt terrible for my poor little sweet. we left the appointment and headed to the pharmacy to pick up wren's antibiotics.  on the way home, wren became hysterical again, this time exclaiming that her ear hurt, i looked at the clock and realized it had been 3 hours since her does of ibuprofen, time for some tylenol.  we hurried home with her crying all the way.  got her some medicine and fed her a late dinner, and all was well.  i kept her up a little past her bedtime so i could get another dose of ibuprofen in her before going to bed.  the doctor assured me we would have a couple of long nights ahead of us until the antibiotics started doing their thing.  giving her the ibuprofen was a plea for some sleep.  i propped up the head of her bed and laid her down at 9:40 after reading her a kitty book and tucking her in.  she didn't make a peep until 2:00 am.  she called for me and once i got up and got to the door she was already going back to sleep...i can't believe she slept all night but i am sure she was exhausted form her day.  i rolled out of bed at 6 this morning and headed to work, in the dark, to make up the time i missed yesterday for leaving early.  daddy is staying home with his sweet angel today.  i sure hope she continues to improve, it was so terrible seeing her in such discomfort and not being able to help her.  such a helpless and guilty feeling.  

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