Monday, January 7, 2013


Our daughter Wren loves to read, LOVES IT.  I think she would be perfectly happy reading all day long.  When my sister Myra told me that she wanted to make a tent for Wren, I was ecstatic.  I knew this would be our new reading spot and it certainly is.  We read books for at least 20 minutes every night before activity that used to take place in the rocking chair is now of course moved to the tent.  I have found that any time we are in her room we end up in the tent.  She absolutely loves the thing.
The first step before making the tent was drawing inspiration from pinterest, of course!

and the end result of wren's reading tent!!!!!!!
she used a hodge-podge of fabrics and picked up a bunch of vintage handkerchiefs to make the fabric portion of the tent.  the tent also features 3 embroidered squares of some of Wren's favorite animals on each side. 

and some shots in the dark so you can see the little chandelier!

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