Tuesday, January 22, 2013

pregnancy update week 31

i am actually 31 weeks tomorrow, but who's counting.....uh ME!
i am feeling some lower back pain these days, not bad, but not fun either.  daily contractions are getting stronger and stronger, this is definitely good news but not the most comfortable thing either!  i got a TON done this weekend, i felt very productive.  
-the bassinet, was stripped down, washed and set up
-the swing has been washed and set up as well
-wren is out of the crib and into a twin bed, freeing up the crib for the baby(more on this process with part 2 of the new bed)
we only have a few things left to do now..........wash the crib bedding, raise the crib mattress, and order cloth diapers.  we have decided to go cloth with this one and i am SUPER excited.  it is going to benefit us in many ways.  the amount of money we are going to save is going to be crazy, and the amount of waste we will eliminate is NUTS i tell ya.  the other benefit is that we recently potty trained wren(more on that topic later), and i think if the baby was wearing diapers it would only make her regress.  she has one cloth diaper and has always worn it as panties (without a liner) so I don't think she will look at the cloth diapers as "diapers".  but only time will tell.  i am planning on purchasing a couple of each type of diaper; prefolds, fitted, etc. to see what we like best and then possibly order a few more once the baby is here.  i am totally open to suggestions and advice on cloth diapering; must haves, must nots, etc.  you can comment on this post or email me at littlebitcreations@yahoo.com.  so all of you cloth diapering mommas, HELP.  first timer here!
i would have loved to do cloth with wren but from 0-3 months we were living with my mom and from 3-12 months we were living in a house without a washer and dryer, it just wasn't an ideal situation for cloth diapering.

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