Friday, July 27, 2012


No not this kind of camping..

I wish.

..............but, this kind of camping.

I am not quite sure how I feel about it.
We are going on an EXTREMELY overdue vacation in October and my husband requested a camping trip.  I already know that I will have 6 sleepless nights and that I will be covered with mosquito bites but I am okay with it because I know after 6 nights it will be over and we will have some amazing memories.

I am excited for the memories....
-running after a toddler outside
-exploring nature
-reading books at night by lantern light
-and all kinds of other activities that I cannot wait to plan

But I am oh so dreading the nights.  At home we put Wren in her crib, shut the door, and she goes to sleep.  In the tent we will all be in the same area, the same bed air mattress.  I can see it now, I will be exhausted and she will be jumping on the air mattress ready to play or the exrteme opposite, crying out of exhaustion and confused why mommy and daddy are in bed with her.  I know after a couple of nights she will do better (hopefully.)  This trip is going to be SO FUN for her.  She absolutely LOVES it outside.  3 of the 6 nights we are spending at Jellystone park in Nashville.  I know this will be her favorite part.  I only hope we do not get kicked out because of the screaming toddler in the middle of the night.

Anyone have any tips on camping with a toddler or camping in general?  I know my husband and Wren will absolutely love this trip, I just hope I can relax, enjoy it, and get some rest.


  1. Talk to her about the trip in advance and let her know you'll be sleeping together. If she knows what to expect (even at her young age), she won't be confused. Maybe even mention that you only sleep together when you're camping... so she doesn't expect the same arrangement when you get back home. Have fun!

  2. Great advice Heather. I will definitely do that!