Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family/Thank you.

I mentioned we were having family photos taken last Friday.  I was SO super excited to get them, we have gotten professional photos taken of Wren but I wanted her to be able to look back at photos and remember us as a family.  I thought 1 was the perfect age to do this.  Of course, my bestie Lindsey of Lindsey Lu Photography would be the beautiful and creative mind behind the camera.  With doing the photos on a Friday night, and us being working parents, I knew things would be a bit hectic complete chaos. 
-Wren took a late nap and was still sleeping when it was time for us to leave. 
-I was running around like crazy, trying to get ready for a house guest, trying to whip up something to eat, trying to get myself ready and trying to lay things out to make it easy on my husband and daughter. 
-Needless to say we made it out the door an hour late and with only a salad in our bellies.
- We were taking our photos at Lincoln State Park, and we arrived only for me to realize that I had no money and there is a fee to get in.  A huge thank you to Lindsey for picking up the tab.
- Upon arriving at photo location #1, Wren refused to wear the headband I had so carefully made for her, the dog was ALL OVER the place and Wren insisted on holding the leash.....which led to her almost rolling down a HUGE hill and throwing a crying fit. 
-We had poses in mind that included us holding her, but of course, the curious toddler that she is wanted no part in that, there was too much to discover around her! 
-On our way to location #2 she wanted to get in the lake and would not take no for an answer.  We walked to the beach and just let her do her thing.  Which led to a drenched baby and a forgetful mamma who did not pack a back-up outfit.
-We were lugging gear and props here and there, as well as a baby and a dog. 
I was a frustrated mess, my daughter wanted to run wild, my husband i believe was exhausted, and lindsey, not a care in the world (or so she seemed).  I am so thankful for her care-free attitude and positive aura.  Thank you for holding it together for all of us, and amidst all of the chaos, thank you for somehow capturing this!

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