Thursday, February 23, 2012

post 22 of 30:dream home

somehow i am supposed to get 8 more posts done today, sorry to let you down, but i do not think that is going to happen.  i made a great attmept and i am super proud of how many posts i did manage to do!  i really enjoyed the thirty day challenge, i think that i will be doing something like this again in the future! ( i will finish 30 posts, just not by the end of today)
well this week i have been in la-la land.  a land where i dream of building a custom home.  a home that has everything my husband and i ever wanted. it is so exciting to think of all of the possibilities and ways we could introduce our personality into a permanent fixture.  it is so exciting, yet totally unreal.  however, i still like to let my imagination roll!
i am quite the addict when it comes to house plans. you could open any notebook or notepad that has been owned by me or in my presence at one time and you will find some type of house plan...either little scribbles of a living room space plan, or a full blown house plan designed down to the vase placement on the cocktail table.  randomly throughout a day, ideas will pop into my head of my next great idea for a house plan for me to take to the notepad, or a living room layout and i get as excited as i do on christmas morning when it is time to open presents.  i can not wait to see my idea drawn out, or better yet come to life! well for now these ideas are all in my head or on paper, so i thought it would be fun to share them with you!

and the latest house plan i have been drooling over...
of course what they call the "grilling porch" would become a solarium.

there are SO many other photos i have saved, but iw ould not want to overwhelm you...perhaps another time.

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